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Research that Matters: How a robot created by a Moncton university professor could help safeguard the future of our lobster industry

Research That Matters is written by Jim Meek, Public Affairs Atlantic, on behalf of the Association of Atlantic Universities ([email protected]) “I have seen the future, and it is a lobster-processing robot at the Université de Moncton (UMoncton). Moulay Akhloufi, a computer science professor and superstar of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world, leads the team that designed the brains and central nervous system of the […]

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Acadia & Ocean’s Pride Fisheries

The global sea cucumber market is growing, and Atlantic Canada is quickly becoming a key supplier, but little is known about this underwater creature. Marine researchers at Acadia University are informing this industry by studying sea cucumber stocks to estimate the abundance and distribution of sea cucumbers in Nova Scotia’s waters. This video shows off the collaboration between Acadia’s researchers and Ocean Pride […]

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