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IM Program Documents

Here are the main documents related to the IM Program.

IM funds are awarded on a project submission basis, covering:

PoC – Proof of Concept Funding: A new discovery of a process, property or knowhow that needs investment to verify and validate the IP’s commercial potential opportunity. The goal is to provide support for developing early stage commercial prototypes from a lab bench to a working prototype or equivalent.
PnL – Patent and Legal Funding: The earliest stages of commercial development planning for a new discovery requires an assessment of the ability to protect the IP. Protection planning for IP is the best way to understand and create potential commercial value for a prospective industry partner.
MV – Market Validation Funding: To support the validation of the IP or to ensure a successful entrance into the marketplace or to attract the right commercial partner or venture funder for the developed IP.
IE – Industry Engagement Funding: This fund supports the development of effective partnerships between academic institutions and industry, locally, provincially or regionally. It increases technology and knowledge transfer and provides awareness of industry (including entrepreneurial startups, social and non-profit enterprises) of academic collaborative programs and institutional resources and expertise available.