Atlantic Canada’s commercialization and industry liaison network


The following programs are provided in collaboration with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA):

Innovation Mobilization Program

The Innovation Mobilization (IM) Program provides service to all Springboard members, supporting industry engagement and advancing ideas.

Industry can collaborate with our network members in order to access this funding. Applications for the IM Program must be submitted by a Springboard Atlantic member to qualify for funding. Please contact a Springboard member or our central office for more information.

Funding Categories

Industry Engagement: The Industry Engagement program connects skilled professionals in academia with like-minded contacts in industry to drive new collaborations and support research commercialization in Atlantic Canada.  

Proof of Concept: The goal of this funding is to provide support for developing early stage ideas, from a lab bench to a working prototype or equivalent (e.g. software beta). The goal is to support development towards a commercial opportunity. 

Patent and Legal: The goal of this funding is to provide support for the assessment and protection of ideas with commercial potential. All forms of intellectual property are eligible e.g. patents, industry designs, copyright, trademarking etc. 

Marketing Support: The goal of this funding is to validate the commercial potential of an idea. This funding supports market assessment and prototype development. 

FTE Contribution Program

Our contribution program helps to support 29 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions at universities and colleges alike, throughout Atlantic Canada. Springboard members receive funding for Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs), Technology Transfer Officers (TTOs) and Intellectual Property Management positions under this program.