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Nova Scotia is moving to a new forestry model — Dal researchers explore the consequences

Great funding news for some of Springboard’s institutional members on this “multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research project addressing multiple streams of research, connecting social & biological sciences.” Lead researcher is Dalhousie’s Dr. Alana Westwood with co-investigators from UNB and Saint Mary‘s. The grant is funded through a partnership with  Research Nova Scotia and the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust, a $50-million trust fund that […]

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Springboard is hiring!

Springboard Atlantic is looking to hire 3 Regional IP Counselors across the Atlantic region who will support the Atlantic Intellectual Property Initiative. Check out the Career Beacon ad at https://bit.ly/3LRG5Bo

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Nova Scotia makes a historic investment in healthcare data analytics & management at Saint Mary’s University

“Brian Wong, Minister of Advanced Education, announced today, March 8, 2023, a historic investment in Saint Mary’s University for healthcare data analytics and management programs. “The future of patient care is increasingly dependent on new technology and innovation — our students need to be ready so they can help provide better, faster, and more options for care across the province,” […]

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Acadia & Ocean’s Pride Fisheries

The global sea cucumber market is growing, and Atlantic Canada is quickly becoming a key supplier, but little is known about this underwater creature. Marine researchers at Acadia University are informing this industry by studying sea cucumber stocks to estimate the abundance and distribution of sea cucumbers in Nova Scotia’s waters. This video shows off the collaboration between Acadia’s researchers and Ocean Pride […]

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