Nova Scotia Community College

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) offers over 130 programs through a network of 13 campuses. The College grows the economy of Nova Scotia by producing highly skilled workers, supporting and meeting industry needs, and connecting with communities. NSCC's applied research focus is an extension of its mission to support the economic and social development of the province. Capacity and scope of applied research projects have grown since 2000 and is now a multi-million-dollar research operation equipped to respond to the needs of industry. Applied Research partners with industry to develop practical and innovative solutions for their real-world challenges.

The College has recently launched the province’s first Technology Access Centre for ocean-related productivity and innovation. The Sensing, Engineering and Analytics-Technology Access Centre or SEA-TAC draws on NSCC’s applied research resources, expertise and industry connectivity, to offer for-fee, applied research and problem-solving services to clients developing ocean-related products and services.

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